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"On line webinars and presentations can be often be daunting and or uninspiring.  You don’t see the other attendees, you don’t always see the presenters, it can be difficult to ask questions and receive answers. You may not be completely enthralled in the topic and depending on where you are….there could be multitude distractions.  The webinars that Susan Webb LCTS provides, minimizes those concerns.  Susan creates and presents webinars that are interesting, relevant and in many cases timely.  Cases in point were her “In Class Assessment and Progression” presentation in early October and “Sharing our Rubrics and other Assessment Tools” in November.  I was one month into my first teaching role, and these webinars presented options and suggestions I needed to consider, in order to help assess my student’s needs and design my future plans.  Susan takes pains to ensure that any questions posted during the session are noted and answered.  And if they do somehow get missed, she follows up with the questioner afterwards to make sure they receive the answers they need.  Susan and her team are very respectful of peoples’ time and energies.  She and her team stick to the topics of discussion and resist the temptation to stray, or allow the participants to stray, into different discussions.  I find Susan’s webinars and presentations to be very user friendly and interesting, which makes it easier to find and commit the time to sit and listen and learn."
- Sharon U., Language Instructor (Language Curriculum Training Services Client)

"The [Mental Health PD Conference, organized by TCET Language Curriculum Training Services] sessions were very beneficial and currently very important too!  Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity!  Also to IRCC and specially our settlement officer who agreed to made adjustment on our class schedule. That also gave the opportunity to our Instructors.
Thanks again,"

- Gajakarnan M., Language Instructor (Language Curriculum Training Services Client)

"[The Coordinator of the Language Curriculum Training Services,] Susan Webb is smart, friendly, approachable and always willing to inform and guide.
Gentle in her dealings, Susan is ready to go that extra mile to accommodate and facilitate teachers like me who are frequent visitors and users of the LCTS services. There is ample of material that one can borrow. Each item is catalogued, in pristine condition and can be borrowed to help further the knowledge of students.
I have also had the privilege of attending webinars conducted by Susan. They are informative and very useful. Susan takes care right from informing us about the workshop to the final certificate handing followed by sending us the links to revise and access the handouts.
Susan’s kind nature makes one want to frequent the library, where with her warm welcoming smile she helps you find a solution to any and all queries. Thank you Susan for all that you have done and are continuing to do for us."

- Dhira S, Teacher, Language Instructor (Language Curriculum Training Services Client)

"I have attended many of Susan Webb’s [LCTS] webinars.  Her course material and handouts are really very informative. She has very good mentoring and right communicating approach that makes the webinar very interactive.   Her handout package is always available for viewing and she promptly advises us accordingly.
I would like to thank Susan for sharing her knowledge and experience with us and looking forward to many more to come.
Best regards,"

- Sarayu K., Teacher, Language Instructor (Language Curriculum Training Services Client)